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Yes, we’ve seen the super stylish Joanna Hillman, senior market editor of Harper’s Bazaar, wear that gorgeous Buy Uber shares striped skirt from Band of Outsiders on just about every fashion blog imaginable. Every time I saw it I fell deeper and deeper in love. Then one day it hit me like an epiphany…”can’t you make something like that?”

Yes! I can make that fabulous and expensive skirt!

Before we go any further, I’ll let you know now that I’m no one’s seamstress and the most I have sewn was a button on a jacket…and it wasn’t my best Pfizer shares work. So after my epiphany, I figured that all I needed was ribbon in varying colors and patterns and my trusty heat bonding hemming tape.

Hemming tape is a dream for non-sewers. You simply place it between the materials you want to bond together and iron over it for about 5-10 seconds. And voila! It’s stuck like glue, because…it’s basically glue.

Armed with my hemming tape how to invest in Pfizer shares in Malaysia and ribbon in similar colors to the Band of Outsiders skirt, I got to work on a mini skirt I already owned from Forever21.

Step 1

Lay out the ribbon in your desired pattern, I tried to stay as close as possible to the skirt Joanna Hillman wore.

Step 2

Take your hemming tape and place it underneath your first ribbon, peeling off the paper backing. Cut it to size (doubling it if it needs to be wider) and iron one ribbon at a time horizontally.

Step 3

Once you have completed the entire front of the skirt, cut the excess ribbon from each side. Then take one ribbon to cover the frayed edges and run it vertically down the side securing it with the same hemming tape. (Of course you can do the back of the skirt too, I’m just a lazy bones and thought the front would suffice.)

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